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  • Automatic backup & Version Control for PLCS, SCADA, HMI, ROBOTICSs
  • Quickly Restore previous version and Speed Disaster recovery.
  • Supports all major Automation products.
  • Automatic online /offline comparisons of versions. Track changes to all control programs and data in use in production. Quickly see WHO changed WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY.
  • Image backup with OS restoration.
  • Cyber Security through Configuration management switches.
  • Principle/rule of double check for Versioning (GXP Edition).
  • Self generated documents (URS, FRA, IQ/OQ,GXP Edition).
  • Service for Installation and Operational Qualification (GXP Edition).

Our Benefits

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100% on site

No connection outside the corporate network

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More transparency

Identify trends, patterns and avoid bottlenecks through license capacity overview

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Predictive maintenance

Predictive, self-learning, extendable

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Increases Business Value Contribution

Leverages and links valuable data from the shopfloor

What role does versiondog play in the automation solution center?

Today, less than 10% of all MES systems are connected to the devices on the shop floor. Valuable information and insights regarding your production are lost and a holistic calculation of the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is therefore impossible. versiondog is already the market standard when it comes to version management of networked devices in automated production. As the only change control system on the market, versiondog has access to all devices, from the field level, control level and supervisory level and can therefore act as a valuable bridge from the production level to the fully integrated IIOT ecosystem/digital ecosystem.