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Smart Manufacturing Factory

Digital Transformation has different dimensions according to the application. Previous focus has been on trends in sectors such as healthcare, retail, finances and media and entertainment. We majorly cater to various manufacturing sectors like Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Chemical, Tyre & Rubber, and steel Industries. Digital transformation in manufacturing industry focuses digitization & integration of Business Processes, Manufacturing Processes, Inventory, Supply Chain, Customers, and other stake holders.

IIOT Solution Value Proposition

  • Assets,users and Database Management-Configuration and managemnet of site,assets and users and security.
  • Real-time Database-Retrieval, storage and maintenance of real time data acquired from multiple sites.

IIOT Solution Value Proposition

  • Helps monitoring and benchmarking the performance of the equipments.
  • Accurate real time data helps in identifying the usage patterns/losses,triggers improvments and cost savings.

IIOT Solution Value Proposition

  • Reduces downtime and optimizes maintenance staff's activies.
  • Easy integration with business application.

IIOT Solution Value Proposition-OEMS

  • Awarness of Failures only post-facto.
  • High down time and maintenance costs.