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IIOT Solution Value Proposition

Data acquisition from instruments/ PLC controllers/ SCADA/ embedded controllers/ energy meters using various standard interfaces

IIoT solution modules/ components

Assets, users and database management – Configuration and management of site, assets and users and security

Real-time Database – Retrieval, storage and maintenance of real time data acquired from multiple sites

Parameter/ Maintenance Alerts – Configurable SMS/ email alerts on any parameters exceeding pre-defined alarm level or any equipment nearing a maintenance condition. Scheduled (preventive) maintenance alerts can also be generated.

Equipment Performance Tracker – Specific Algorithms for continuous online calculations of performance/ efficiency and tracking losses.

• Configurable e-logbook for manufacturing/ utility equipment, utility, gases and power distribution and energy management systems – Simplifies the data collection process and eliminates the inaccuracies that are inherent in manual data collection

• Real time Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) calculations for machines – Online real time OEE calculations for each machine give insights into machine performance, productivity, quality and losses. This OEE data can be used by practices such as “LEAN” etc.

• Efficiency calculations of utility equipment with instantaneous, average and totalized values – Helps monitoring and benchmarking the performance of the equipment

• Utilities, gases and energy metering – Accurate real time data helps in identifying the usage patterns/ losses, triggers improvements and cost savings

• Electrical substations and control centers monitoring – Prevents breakdown of critical feeders and transformers

Analytics – Custom analytics reports generation for various user roles. Easy to deploy, modular and scalable architecture

• Proactive maintenance alarms/ alerts (energy consumption, performance deviations, equipment breakdown, preventive maintenance schedule alerts etc.) – Reduces downtime and optimizes maintenance staff’s activities

• Connectivity to business management software (ERP, SAP etc.) – Easy integration with business applications

• Database and application is hosted ON-Premise Server managed by customer or cloud Low capital cost of implementation

• Real time online monitoring of plant with our IIoT solution can improve Operational Efficiency of plant and processes and thereby increasing bottom-lines


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